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A Beginner’s Guide to Online Dating

So, you have finally taken the plunge and decided to sign up to an Online Dating Site, each day on your return from work you switch on your computer hoping to see a whole bunch of emails from people that are interested in knowing you better and all you have received  to date is a hopeless scam letter from someone the obviously thinks your IQ is on a level with that of a hedgehog!

I will break this to you gently do you know how many people are now engaged in Online Dating? Actually quite a lot, in fact if they all held hands and formed a chain they could probably circumnavigate the globe several times over, so far some of them are very good swimmers…..

So maybe you are going to have to put a little effort into this and actually introduce yourself to some fellow Online Daters. Would you like a few tips on how to compose your first introductory letter, just to help you on your way? Actually once you have made a start you will find it much easier and answering letters is for sure easier than making a cold introduction.

For men some do’s and don’ts. Firstly what not to put in your letter of introduction:- Hey you look gorgeous, or wow you are really sexy, or hi pretty one, shall I continue? Men and Women are most definitely turned on and off by different stuff and I’m sorry guys, but if you want to hit lucky you need to know that.

Women admire elegance, intelligence and a sense of humour in a man and a photo of a well dressed guy is going to win a lot more brownie points than a photo of you on the beach strutting your stuff. Begin by being formal, but not overly so, explain your interest, like for example……

I read your profile and you seem to be a very interesting and nice person and I would enjoy getting too know you better. I live in……………work at…………..and I’m tired of the local dating hang outs and decided to give online dating a try and on scrolling through the profiles, yours seemed to jump out at me, so I’ll keep my first letter to you brief and look forward to hearing from you soon………..

Do you get the idea, well actually I have even written it for you! Notice that it is both respectful and confident with a presumption that yes she will write back. Also notice the little white lie, given that you will more than likely send this same letter to more than one lady? It is part of the game of Online Dating, though if your hit lucky and an online relationship begins to evolve stick with honesty.

Now for the ladies, in many respects they have a much easier task knowing that lying just under the surface of most men, irrespective of their intelligence and sophistication is an obsession with all things sexual and an insatiable appetite to see and ogle or at least glimpse the female form, something that women interestingly do not seem to share to anything like the same degree and for this very reason it is much easier for a woman to catch a man’s attention.

So there you are a beginners guide to Online Dating, I’m sure that you will get the hang of it very quickly and remember that perhaps for the first time you are now in control of your romantic life. Equally remember that quite literally the World is now your Oyster! Terrence Aubrey:-

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